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New Mommies Master Pinterest - Simple Daily Steps - Amazing Results

pinterest marketing Dec 13, 2020

You're a new mommy (or maybe even the mom of toddlers, babies, or having to manage the homeschooled kids at the moment.) who wants more! You've got a shop or a blog, you want traffic. You know Pinterest is the answer. But one more thing to learn on  your plate will make your head explode!

Let's make things easy for you.

So long as you are continuing to create content - even if it's only once a month, you can grow your Pinterest account without going into debt with Tailwind. This isn't to say you won't need tools along the way, however getting started if you invest in Canva Pro, that's pretty much all you need. The second thing you need is the How to Build A Pinterest Business Account in 7 Easy Steps (for $2.00) that you can find over here

These are short easy to go through steps, with lots of diagrams. If you have questions email me here Put "Pinterest Help" in the subject line in all caps so I don't miss it.

Once you get your account set up. And this should take you at least a...

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Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets - Is It Worth The Investment?

Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets is the brain child of Anastasia from I've watched her videos for a while and was impressed with her vast amount of "under the hood" understanding of how the Pinterest Platform works.

Here is one that I particularly found insightful:


As a Pinterest VA (virtual assistant) I'm constantly buying and going through Pinterest courses, working on the platform itself and using tools in an effort to help my clients (and myself) get Pinterest to deliver the goods. By goods I mean clicks and sales.

After going through Anastasia's newest course Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets - it's not cheap let me warn you - I'm impressed with the amount of technical information she is able to share succinctly. When I first logged into the training I admit I rolled my eyes at all of the modules. But as I started going through the lessons, they are short, actionable snippets that are easy to follow. While the above video is 30 minutes - the videos inside...

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Tailwind Pinners Beware - See These Outrageous Results From Using Them


Tailwind pinners, you might want to rethink your pinning strategies over there! Especially if you are pinning Etsy or other actual products over there using the regular pins feature.

(Update at the end)

What Is Happening To Your Tailwind Pins?

Well they are adding products to them - and not necessarily YOUR products.

Here are 2 examples:

The first is from the Etsy shop Blacknot Farms

She pinned this:

Once you click that tag you get this:


Over from a pin I created and pinned through Tailwind:

Here are the results - I know I did not add these products:

It is hard to tell at the moment how the products are being added. Also I'm seeing these product tags being applied to Carousel pins too. The one thing I do think they all have in common - they are all images that have been posted frequently to Pinterest. The main product of the image I mean.

What To Do About It?

Personally, I think I'm going to be pinning my Etsy pins directly to Pinterest. And I'm going to make sure to add...

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Hashtag Hacks For Pinterest - Surprisingly Simple Technique To Get Big Traffic Results

Hashtag hacks for Pinterest?? What is Pinterest even doing with hashtags? 

First they are a thing, then they aren't, then they are, or are they?

Honestly finding out detailed information about Pinterest and hashtags is rather frustrating. However, we will look at a strategy for making them work to our advantage without getting Pinterest's knickers in a knot.

What are Hashtags 

Hashtags are a method of organizing like things to be found later in the social media realm. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Linkedin all use them too. 

They differ from keywords in that they are not AI driven in the sense that the user gets to decide how they want the information categorized rather than letting an algorithm decide.

Hashtags For Pinterest Specifically

When it comes to hashtags for Pinterest - back in the day people would put a bazillion (read that hashtag stuffing) hashtags in their description. Kind of like Instagram. Pinterest didn't really like that so much so they swung...

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Pinterest For Etsy Step-by-Step Surprisingly Easy - Get Steady Traffic

Now that you have a Pinterest for Etsy business account all set up, are you wondering; "how in the heck can I keep this going?"

Do you need to know how to make pins fast and effectively?

How about how to pin the different types of pins? And how many pins?

I know, the list is endless right?

For now we are going to look at the basics

which will include:

  • Creating Pins & Pinning Them
  • Finding Hashtags
  • Pinning Tools

First up. . .

Creating Pins

Less is more these days when it comes to creating pins. Though there are a few places out there that you can use to create pins, and I've tried many of them, right now I think Canva offers the easiest solution to creating pins fast.

I created these three pins in Canva.

These three pins drive traffic to my site. That soap maker's journal pin is only a week old. The middle pin got pinned a couple months ago and the soap archives pin is only a couple weeks old.

Things I think make pins do well?

They need to help people feel like...

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Pinterest Dimensions of Inspiration To Make A Pin Worthy Pin

Wondering what it takes to make a pin worthy pin?

Me too!

Let's look at what Pinterest has to say about that...

There are five aspects of pins that one should strive to achieve.

They are:

  • Visual appeal - Fuel people's imaginations with possibilities they can visualize.
  • Original - Inspire a new, original or different take on something familiar.
  • Relevant - On Pinterest, the most relevant and inspiring ideas win.
  • Positive - Bring people inspiring content that lights them up.
  • Actionable - The best Pins inspire people to try new ideas and give them the confidence to bring that inspiration to life.

Keeping in mind that people go to Pinterest to get inspired, to share what inspires them and to browse what inspires others, building pins that encourage people in those endeavors is all it takes to make a pin worthy pin.

Read our detailed article about creating the 6 different types of pins Pinterest offers, and how to pin effectively, how to find hashtags and which pinning tools are the...

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How To Find and Use Analytics For Your Pinterest Account - Etsy Shop


There I was, looking at my Pinterest Account stats over at VintagePatentDesigns and thinking - wow that's a lot of impressions in a short time.

Here look for yourself:

Looks pretty good right?

But then I got to thinking ...

What does it all mean?

And more importantly, how can I get it to translate to sales?

First let's see what each of the Pinterest analytics labels means:

  • Impressions - The number of times your pins were seen.
  • Total Audience - The total number of people who have seen or engaged with  your pins.
  • Engagements - Total number of engagements on your pins, including saves, closeups, link clicks, and carousal swipes.
  • Engaged Audience - Total number of people who engaged with your pins

Now we need to define "your pins"

Anything you pin to a board on your account, whether it is a repin of yours or someone else's pins is counted as a "your pin".

So unless you are pinning mostly only your own pins to your boards, this information is only slightly more helpful than...

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How To Grow Your Pinterest Traffic To Your Etsy Shop Effortlessly

There I was. Brand new, well newly renovated anyway,
Etsy shop.

But no one was coming!

Didn't they say, Build it and they will come? Wasn't that the promise?

What to do, what to do.

Then I discovered Pinterest traffic.

Seems like Pinterest and Etsy were MADE for each other!

The process is simple really. Build a Pinterest Business Account. Make sure that it is SEO'd properly with keywords, hashtags and properly formatted images. Claim your website and Etsy shop and start posting pins.

Lots and lots of pins. That should do it right?

Turns out that it is pretty much that easy.

However there are a few things one needs to get just right.

Pinterest wants engaged users. So pinning from tools all of the time isn't going to cut it.

Pinning directly on Pinterest, and giving them the kind of content they want will drive traffic to your site and could even make you sales on the site itself!

Use Pinterest's Best Pinning & SEO Practices for 2020 to grow your Pinterest traffic to your Etsy...

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