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Tailwind Pinners Beware - See These Outrageous Results From Using Them


Tailwind pinners, you might want to rethink your pinning strategies over there! Especially if you are pinning Etsy or other actual products over there using the regular pins feature.

(Update at the end)

What Is Happening To Your Tailwind Pins?

Well they are adding products to them - and not necessarily YOUR products.

Here are 2 examples:

The first is from the Etsy shop Blacknot Farms

She pinned this:

Once you click that tag you get this:


Over from a pin I created and pinned through Tailwind:

Here are the results - I know I did not add these products:

It is hard to tell at the moment how the products are being added. Also I'm seeing these product tags being applied to Carousel pins too. The one thing I do think they all have in common - they are all images that have been posted frequently to Pinterest. The main product of the image I mean.

What To Do About It?

Personally, I think I'm going to be pinning my Etsy pins directly to Pinterest. And I'm going to make sure to add products myself. You know you can pin to the products tag from Amazon too? Just plop your shortened url in there (from Amazon) and pick the image.

When I build carousel images those will be a main pin to generate curiosity followed by 4 other plain images of what ever it is that I'm selling. And the link will be to either the category on Etsy or a "search terms URL" where the items will be front and center for purchase.

A Couple More Thoughts On Pinterest Product Tags

I think that pins that Pinterest can add products to are getting more views. So while initially I thought this was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad thing (from Alexander's Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day) I'm rethinking my position - maybe.

Product tags can come from a wide variety of places - even affiliate links! Use the hashtag #affiliate as your disclaimer.

A short list of ideas:

  • Your own product URLs
  • Affiliate links

I told you the list was short 🤣🤣🤣


After sitting on this revelation for a few days some things have become more clear. For one thing even if you post through Tailwind once your pin has arrived on Pinterest a little white tag might appear in the upper left corner (might be someplace else on your account - cause every account is a little different on Pinterest). If you click that white tag you can add your own products to that link.

A Bit More On Product Tags

You can add products (up to 24 of them) to pins that you upload to Pinterest as long as the original pin doesn't go to a product itself on say Etsy. So unless you have a top level domain (like a pattern shop - through Etsy) you won't be able to add products.

The Pattern shop attached to my Etsy shop costs $15 a month. In my world view - totally worth it.

Make sure that the items you add as products are tightly related to your pin or article that the pin goes to.

What Pinterest Wants

They want to make money, duh! LOL You can help them by serving up pins they can attach products to from their advertisers. Use hashtags and keywords to help them understand what your pin is selling so they can make up stuff that is similar.

Everyone wins this way.

Be sure to share this article with your friends that are trying to use Pinterest to drive sales - I don't think this is very widely know yet!

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