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Hashtag Hacks For Pinterest - Surprisingly Simple Technique To Get Big Traffic Results

Hashtag hacks for Pinterest?? What is Pinterest even doing with hashtags? 

First they are a thing, then they aren't, then they are, or are they?

Honestly finding out detailed information about Pinterest and hashtags is rather frustrating. However, we will look at a strategy for making them work to our advantage without getting Pinterest's knickers in a knot.

What are Hashtags 

Hashtags are a method of organizing like things to be found later in the social media realm. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Linkedin all use them too. 

They differ from keywords in that they are not AI driven in the sense that the user gets to decide how they want the information categorized rather than letting an algorithm decide.

Hashtags For Pinterest Specifically

When it comes to hashtags for Pinterest - back in the day people would put a bazillion (read that hashtag stuffing) hashtags in their description. Kind of like Instagram. Pinterest didn't really like that so much so they swung to the other side and said -


We want to decide how to organize our search engine.

Now they say 3-5 hashtags per pin is fine. Let's see how we can make this work for us in a powerful way.

Hashtag Hack For Pinterest 

To begin with Hashtags are clickable in  your description. So that means that the person looking at your pin is going to be able to click away from your pin somewhere else. Presumably looking for something that is similar. We want them to find more of our stuff right?

In my mind, which admittedly isn't always the most organized or linear, one should have a list of hashtags that correspond to categories in their shop or blog.

What does this Look Like?

So  you post a pin from  your Etsy shop for instance I have patent prints in my shop. My hashtags should be #vintagepatentdesigns #patentprints #mancavedecor

For VintagePatentDesigns:

Almost everything under this hashtag is mine. This should be my first hashtag on all of my pins.

The next one is PatentPrints.

My pin is farther down the page. Which tells me two things; one I need to use this hashtag more often and two, this hashtag gets posted to by more pinners so it moves faster than my shop tag.

I think this is okay because it gives Pinterest a signal about what types of pins to put yours with and it gives people a chance to find what they are looking for even if it isn't your product.

The third hashtag is ManCaveDecor

I use this tag fairly frequently so my pins are closer to the top on this one.

How To Find HashTags For Pinterest

If you have an Iphone with the Pinterest App on it, as you start to add hashtags to your pin, Pinterest will make suggestions. I'm trying to find a way to do this with an iphone emulator but haven't been successful yet.

My method is more trial and error. 

That said, I'm going to be following this procedure in the future; Post my shop name hashtag first, then a hashtag that is a category in my shop and the third tag is going to be specific to whatever the pin is about.

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