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How To Find and Use Analytics For Your Pinterest Account - Etsy Shop


There I was, looking at my Pinterest Account stats over at VintagePatentDesigns and thinking - wow that's a lot of impressions in a short time.

Here look for yourself:

Looks pretty good right?

But then I got to thinking ...

What does it all mean?

And more importantly, how can I get it to translate to sales?

First let's see what each of the Pinterest analytics labels means:

  • Impressions - The number of times your pins were seen.
  • Total Audience - The total number of people who have seen or engaged with  your pins.
  • Engagements - Total number of engagements on your pins, including saves, closeups, link clicks, and carousal swipes.
  • Engaged Audience - Total number of people who engaged with your pins

Now we need to define "your pins"

Anything you pin to a board on your account, whether it is a repin of yours or someone else's pins is counted as a "your pin".

So unless you are pinning mostly only your own pins to your boards, this information is only slightly more helpful than useless, in my opinion.

In order to see what pins are actually helping  us, we need to look at a couple other analytics places - Google Analytics and Etsy itself.

Hopefully you hooked your Etsy shop and/or website up to Google Analytics a while ago because we need to pop over there. That is where you will see which pins are getting clicks.

To get here go to then click on your website, click on acquisition, all traffic sources and then "referrals" (which you can't see in this shot).

In order to see which pins are doing well click on that little do hickey that the red arrow is pointing to.

Save this to your Pinterest Marketing Board for future reference

Next we look at our Etsy stats.

Click on Stats from your Etsy shop manager. Then click on Social Media


Then click Pinterest - and voila there you have your Pinterest data.

What does all of this data mean?

You can use it to figure out which pins are getting noticed. Which Hashtags and keywords are working for you. You can see what people who are interested in your boards are also interested in. It can help you create pins in a way that gains  you more followers and buyers.

Be sure to read Pinterest For Etsy - Step-by-Step Surprisingly Easy Get Steady Traffic

This will give you up to date information on the latest styles of pins (there are more than 5 types!) How to pin them, how to find hashtags and a little information on the best pinning tools.


After writing this article I went on a hunt to find the best training on the Pinterest Dashboard and Analytics I could find and found GOLD I tell you! Kristie Hill created this course which goes over everything detail step by step. She includes so resources for tracking and reviewing stats that makes the whole process very simple. Can I say I LOVE it?

You can find the information about what she offers over here: Pinterest Dashboard & Analytics Masterclass.


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