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New Mommies Master Pinterest - Simple Daily Steps - Amazing Results

pinterest marketing Dec 13, 2020

You're a new mommy (or maybe even the mom of toddlers, babies, or having to manage the homeschooled kids at the moment.) who wants more! You've got a shop or a blog, you want traffic. You know Pinterest is the answer. But one more thing to learn on  your plate will make your head explode!

Let's make things easy for you.

So long as you are continuing to create content - even if it's only once a month, you can grow your Pinterest account without going into debt with Tailwind. This isn't to say you won't need tools along the way, however getting started if you invest in Canva Pro, that's pretty much all you need. The second thing you need is the How to Build A Pinterest Business Account in 7 Easy Steps (for $2.00) that you can find over here

These are short easy to go through steps, with lots of diagrams. If you have questions email me here Put "Pinterest Help" in the subject line in all caps so I don't miss it.

Once you get your account set up. And this should take you at least a week so you aren't spamming your account right off. Creating one or two boards a day is plenty.

Now for the fast daily routine

Either create 7-10 pins once a week (this should take you no more than 30 minutes once you get the hang of it) or create a new pin each day. Go look at your blog/shop and decide which item, category or post  you are creating content for.

Next you need to look at your boards (which should be related to your categories on your blog or in your shop)

Create a pin using the keywords on  your pin and for the name when saving the pin. (I went over what makes a great pin here) The fastest and easiest way to create high quality pins is to head over to Canva and use one of their templates. You can make all kinds of pins over there. (collage, video, static, gif) It's a good idea to change the colors and even the fonts if you want. Use their photos or upload  your own to incorporate into the pins.

Everyday (well at least most days) you should upload a new pin that you've just created. You should repin pins from other pinterest pinners. Don't be afraid to friend and follow people in  your niche (and go look through their followers and follow a few - two or three at a time) Don't ever follow more than maybe 5 people a day, and make them people whose stuff you are interested in. Leave comments and repin pins relevant to your boards.

Don't Forget To Save This to Your Blogging Pinterest Board

Pinterest is about community and a search engine. Pinning directly to the platform even if only a few pins a day and creating just one new pin a day to pin from  your blog/shop will get you traction.

Put the pinterest app on your phone. When you run into the bathroom, spend a minute repinning pins related to your boards and comment on a few pins as you get ready to repin them. Or maybe  you do this while  you sip your coffee, on your break (if you are at work)

Really Pinterest doesn't have to be a huge time suck, what they want is consistent pinners. Pinterest is a marathon, not a sprint. Find ways to make it part of your daily routine and it will pay huge dividends.

If you want to dive much deeper into Pinterest and growing your blog you might want to check out Anastasia's product that I reviewed over here. It's not cheap, but it is well worth the investment. She also answers questions, personally, in her private Facebook group.

Master Pinterest in a few simple daily steps - you will get AMAZING results

Here are the steps concisely

1. create a new pin (new pins with new content are the most desired, however new pin with old content is good too)

2. repin from other interesting and related boards to your boards.

3. leave comments on other people's pins.

4. you can like and comment on your own pins.

The goal is to pin and repin 10 to 15 pins a day. it's not that much.

If even this is too overwhelming for you, or you want someone to help you get started I do offer monthly maintenance plans that are inexpensive over here.

Go forth and pin with confidence :)


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