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Pinterest For Etsy Step-by-Step Surprisingly Easy - Get Steady Traffic

Now that you have a Pinterest for Etsy business account all set up, are you wondering; "how in the heck can I keep this going?"

Do you need to know how to make pins fast and effectively?

How about how to pin the different types of pins? And how many pins?

I know, the list is endless right?

For now we are going to look at the basics

which will include:

  • Creating Pins & Pinning Them
  • Finding Hashtags
  • Pinning Tools

First up. . .

Creating Pins

Less is more these days when it comes to creating pins. Though there are a few places out there that you can use to create pins, and I've tried many of them, right now I think Canva offers the easiest solution to creating pins fast.

I created these three pins in Canva.

These three pins drive traffic to my site. That soap maker's journal pin is only a week old. The middle pin got pinned a couple months ago and the soap archives pin is only a couple weeks old.

Things I think make pins do well?

They need to help people feel like they can accomplish something, or that the image helps them to do something better, or inspires them to try something new.

They should have a call to action. I really like the second image with the arrow as part of the behind the text overlay. The whole pin seems to say take these (the above items) and make this (the items below).

The picture needs to tell the story. The first pin is actually part of a series of images that show people what is in the journal. It tells the story of what they can expect when they buy. Pinterest makes this easy by offering story pins and carousel pins.

The third pin is an image of my soap, that I took, with encouraging text. When it comes to making soap – people just starting out want to know it is easy and forgiving. I should know. It took me ten years (yes 10) from the time I bought all of my supplies to the day I got up the nerve to actually make homemade soap.

Pinterest For Etsy – Design Elements

According to Pinterest’s guide you want to make your item the star of the show. By starting with a great product image (that should be original) you can use the Title and Description area to convey more details about the pin. In my mind the goal is to get the click for a closer look then onto your offer to make a purchase.

When it comes to Pinterest for Etsy, using your mock ups as a jumping off point to create images is half the design already. With Canva, the pro version, you can use the remove background option allowing you to place images on other images.

Canva also offers templates. This makes adding products and images into a pin simple.

Note on Images For Creating Pinterest Pins

Original images, not the free images found on Pixabay, etc, do better. Because of that sometimes taking mock up images – even if they are stock images from Pixabay and adjusting the crop in Canva, can give you a “fresh” image. Also you can take stock images and use the remove background feature to create original images. While listening to Tailwind’s discussion on creating pins using purchased images, I confess I cringed. Maybe this would be a good idea for bloggers in the health and fitness realm – but for Etsy creators you’ve already got original images – use those!

Pinterest allows three pin dimensions. 1:1, 2:3 and 3:4. So if you are making pins from say, mug images you can upload them and adjust the the dimensions so that the whole image gets into the pin.

These are a couple examples of cropping stock photos and then overlaying the product image on top.

Different Types Of Pinterest Pins

On to the different types of Pinterest Pins these days. Right now there are:

  • Video pins
  • Carousel pins
  • Product pins
  • Pins from urls
  • Story pins
  • Standard pins

Video Pins How To Make Them

So, yeah, lots of ways to make video pins. This video will give you an idea of how to create video pins 3 ways in Canva without getting crazy. You can also take video on your phone, upload it to Canva and create pins that way. 1:1 proportioned pins do surprisingly well on Pinterest.


Carousel Pins

 Carousel pins are a collection of 5 pins that can tell a story, but they aren't the same as story pins. I think of these as 5 standard pins all in the same category that can be linked together when you upload them. In my mind it is best if these go to a category in your Etsy shop rather than a single item. To pin them simply go to create pin and upload 5 images. You can move them around so you can create 5 great pins and then swap out which one will be the first image when pinning. That way you can pin all 5 pins to 5 different audiences all at one time.

Product Pins

By claiming a domain on Pinterest, adding products to a pin becomes an option. You can add up to 24 products to go with your standard pin. The thing is that you must pin the products from the same domain if you are pinning by URL.

Pins From URLs

An easy way to get your Esty items onto Pinterest involves copying and pasting the URL from the listing to Pinterest.

We will do this together:

This is a listing on my Esty shop

This is all of the link we need

Unless you are trying to pin to a category, you don't need anything after and including the question mark. Again - pinning to a category, or a search result are the exceptions, then  you do need the question mark and what comes after.

We are first going to go to add a pin. Once there we are going to click the save from site button.

Sometimes the save from site button you will find at the top of the drag and drop box. I've seen it both places.

In the little pop open window we are going to take our copied listing link and after placing our arrow in the box we are going to hit CTRL V this will paste our link. If you try to right click your mouse you will not get the results you are looking for. I confess, it took me a couple weeks to figure this out!

Next we will get to chose which image we wish to paste. Pick the clearest image that conforms to Pinterest's dimension preferences.

You can chose to pin more than one image. In that case you will have several pins show up in your pinning window - they will all be separate pins.

This is what it looked like just before I pinned it to my Vintagepatentdesigns pinterest account. When I went to look at the pin after pinning it this is what Pinterest pins...

That my friends, is taken straight from the listing on Etsy. This magic only happens when you pin from a listing URL to a Pinterest account that is linked to that Etsy shop.

*Pro tip - you can create pins in Canva but save them as 2000x3000 instead of 1000x1500 (2:3) ratio. This makes Etsy happy because it is 2000 px wide and as far as I can tell they don't care that the image is long. Keep the main part of your product near the top of those images though. I suggest that you use it as the main image for  your listing as I think Pinterest pulls that image to pair with the description and price.

We will talk about the hashtags here after we get done covering the rest of the types of pins.

 Story Pins

 Story pins just got rolled out recently so you might not have this option yet. Use your carousel pins to create stories if you aren't in the group yet. Pinterest allows you to actually create story pins in the story pin pinning section.

In order to create a story pin you need to click the create tab at the top of the browser bar where you could go to create a normal pin.

Once you click the add story link you will see this. So now we will add images.



You can see the story pin here:

You might notice that I have used the same images for several pins here. I  used them to make a video, a carousel pin and this story pin. For the story pin I added text and changed the order of the images.

Standard Pins

Gosh now that we are down to standard pins they seem almost like an after thought!!

Standard pins - the one image no thrills pins still work. They are best if you can create them in the proper size format and pay attention to hashtags and boards you first pin them to.

If you are using Tailwind you will still need these beauties as you can't repin video pins from Pinterest with them. You have to first upload the video to Tailwind and then post. Also, standard pins are all that you can share in Tailwind in tribes.

Have fun with your pins. Keep the main point of your pin near the top, center your text, avoid the edges, avoid scripty fonts, use large sizes for fonts and make sure the pin looks good on your phone. Some people have a secret board just for uploading pins to so they can check them out on their cell before posting on a main board.


Whew, wasn't sure we were going to get here. How about  you? Still with me?

Finding hashtags and board names and really good titles for your pins comes down to a little investigative work. Fortunately, Pinterest provides the space to find these answers.

(Hashtags needed its own whole article which  you can find here - 

Hashtag Hacks For Pinterest - Surprisingly Simple Technique To Get Big Traffic Results

We will use the patent print as an example from the URL pin we did from our shop.

I started with Patent Prints because it is a patent print and I knew I wanted to pin on a board called Office Decor

Patent prints is a very broad category so it is broken down to more "niched" keywords that are searched for. They are listed from left to right in order of popularity.

Because all my patent prints are also vintage, we will click the vintage tab.

There are no more tabs on this one so vintage patent prints is a good hashtag/keyword. Next I went back to the patent prints directory if you will recall technical drawings was the second tab most popular. Most patent prints are by definition, technical drawings. No more tabs here. So next keyword is patent prints technical drawings

Then I decided to look up patent print decor because it was a drop down suggestion - sorry couldn't get a picture of that to share.

There we go our third keyword/hashtag will be patent prints decor. (and yes that is my fishing patent print pin there)

Looking for hashtag and keywords this way also lets you see how your pins are doing over all. As you are looking at sections look for your pins there too.

It used to be that people would go hog wild with hashtags. Pinterest looks at that as spam these days. So in keeping with the less is more theme - no more than 3-5 hashtags per pin. I tend to go with three.

One other quick note worth mentioning about pinning pins. You can pin the same pin with the same description to no more than 5 of your boards. It is best not to pin them at the same time (as in leave a few days in between) and pin lots of other stuff so the pins don't show up right next to each  other. You can re arrange your boards to keep this from being a "things", but you can't unpin pins that you created too close together.

Pinning Tools

My two favorite pinning tools are hands down, Canva and Tailwind. Canva because they make creating pins so simple and Tailwind because, if used properly, they can expand  your reach quickly.


If you are creating pins, having a Canva pro account (this is a referral link - if you sign up, I get a credit and  you get a credit - win/win) is a no brainer. Not only can you create pins there, but you can also create Etsy digital and Print On Demand items. There graphics aren't 300dpi, but that is easily fixed - stay tuned for my next article - all about free graphics tools.


Tailwind is a two edged sword. Tempting though it might be to only use them to pin and hope that traffic will magically appear, I hope that this run down on all of the options open to you by pinning directly to Pinterest has opened your eyes. Pinterest wants you to pin on their platform. They want you to pin & repin about 15-30 pins a day. Tailwind can help you figure out the best times to be pinning and how to take advantage of that.

Tailwind (this is also a referral link - you get a $15 credit and so do I) works great for participating in tribes - so your pins get a access to a broader audience. Also Tailwind allows you to post pins on a regular basis, cause let's face it, we all need a day off.

My advice to you... Use Tailwind as the tool it was designed to be, but don't depend on it to do everything for you.

Have I left you with more questions? Great! Come join our tribe - make friends, ask questions, develop alliances. Alone we might not be much, but together we are UNSTOPPABLE



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