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Hashtag Hacks For Pinterest - Surprisingly Simple Technique To Get Big Traffic Results

Hashtag hacks for Pinterest?? What is Pinterest even doing with hashtags? 

First they are a thing, then they aren't, then they are, or are they?

Honestly finding out detailed information about Pinterest and hashtags is rather frustrating. However, we will look at a strategy for making them work to our advantage without getting Pinterest's knickers in a knot.

What are Hashtags 

Hashtags are a method of organizing like things to be found later in the social media realm. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Linkedin all use them too. 

They differ from keywords in that they are not AI driven in the sense that the user gets to decide how they want the information categorized rather than letting an algorithm decide.

Hashtags For Pinterest Specifically

When it comes to hashtags for Pinterest - back in the day people would put a bazillion (read that hashtag stuffing) hashtags in their description. Kind of like Instagram. Pinterest didn't really like that so much so they swung...

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Pinterest For Etsy Step-by-Step Surprisingly Easy - Get Steady Traffic

Now that you have a Pinterest for Etsy business account all set up, are you wondering; "how in the heck can I keep this going?"

Do you need to know how to make pins fast and effectively?

How about how to pin the different types of pins? And how many pins?

I know, the list is endless right?

For now we are going to look at the basics

which will include:

  • Creating Pins & Pinning Them
  • Finding Hashtags
  • Pinning Tools

First up. . .

Creating Pins

Less is more these days when it comes to creating pins. Though there are a few places out there that you can use to create pins, and I've tried many of them, right now I think Canva offers the easiest solution to creating pins fast.

I created these three pins in Canva.

These three pins drive traffic to my site. That soap maker's journal pin is only a week old. The middle pin got pinned a couple months ago and the soap archives pin is only a couple weeks old.

Things I think make pins do well?

They need to help people feel like...

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