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Pinterest For Etsy Step-by-Step Surprisingly Easy - Get Steady Traffic

Now that you have a Pinterest for Etsy business account all set up, are you wondering; "how in the heck can I keep this going?"

Do you need to know how to make pins fast and effectively?

How about how to pin the different types of pins? And how many pins?

I know, the list is endless right?

For now we are going to look at the basics

which will include:

  • Creating Pins & Pinning Them
  • Finding Hashtags
  • Pinning Tools

First up. . .

Creating Pins

Less is more these days when it comes to creating pins. Though there are a few places out there that you can use to create pins, and I've tried many of them, right now I think Canva offers the easiest solution to creating pins fast.

I created these three pins in Canva.

These three pins drive traffic to my site. That soap maker's journal pin is only a week old. The middle pin got pinned a couple months ago and the soap archives pin is only a couple weeks old.

Things I think make pins do well?

They need to help people feel like...

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