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How To Find and Use Analytics For Your Pinterest Account - Etsy Shop


There I was, looking at my Pinterest Account stats over at VintagePatentDesigns and thinking - wow that's a lot of impressions in a short time.

Here look for yourself:

Looks pretty good right?

But then I got to thinking ...

What does it all mean?

And more importantly, how can I get it to translate to sales?

First let's see what each of the Pinterest analytics labels means:

  • Impressions - The number of times your pins were seen.
  • Total Audience - The total number of people who have seen or engaged with  your pins.
  • Engagements - Total number of engagements on your pins, including saves, closeups, link clicks, and carousal swipes.
  • Engaged Audience - Total number of people who engaged with your pins

Now we need to define "your pins"

Anything you pin to a board on your account, whether it is a repin of yours or someone else's pins is counted as a "your pin".

So unless you are pinning mostly only your own pins to your boards, this information is only slightly more helpful than...

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