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Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets - Is It Worth The Investment?

Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets is the brain child of Anastasia from I've watched her videos for a while and was impressed with her vast amount of "under the hood" understanding of how the Pinterest Platform works.

Here is one that I particularly found insightful:


As a Pinterest VA (virtual assistant) I'm constantly buying and going through Pinterest courses, working on the platform itself and using tools in an effort to help my clients (and myself) get Pinterest to deliver the goods. By goods I mean clicks and sales.

After going through Anastasia's newest course Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets - it's not cheap let me warn you - I'm impressed with the amount of technical information she is able to share succinctly. When I first logged into the training I admit I rolled my eyes at all of the modules. But as I started going through the lessons, they are short, actionable snippets that are easy to follow. While the above video is 30 minutes - the videos inside...

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