Are You Ready To Take Control of Pinterest?

Learn how to maximize just a few minutes a day to gain steady Pinterest traffic to your ecommerce site, designed for Etsy sellers.



In this course you will learn

How to give Pinterest what it wants in the way that it wants it so that the platform will give you what you want - namely traffic and sales.

How to pin all of the types of pin formats Pinterest offers.

How to make the pins quickly using cheap and free tools.

How to find keywords to use for Pinterest, and also tags for your Etsy products.

How to set up a fast strategy for pinning so that you can maintain your Pinterest account and still have a life.



Hashtags for Pinterest


Should you use them or lose them? How many? How do they work on Pinterest? We answer these questions and show you exactly how to make them work for you.

Group Boards

Should you spend your time and energy finding big group boards? Do they  help your over all strategy? Are they hurting  your account?

Stop Struggling To Piece It Together

Let me show you EXACTLY what Pinterest wants and how to give them that with a minimum amount of effort for MAXIMUM RESULTS. It is faster and easier than you might think.

I'm Ready To Stop The Insanity

Finally Understand How To Pin Effectively

If you are like I was at one time, Pinterest is sucking up all of your time or you are so disgusted with trying to figure out what they want that you have stopped even trying.

Maybe you have resorted to tools to pin for you in hopes that they would be the magic button, and can't understand why your pins aren't getting circulated.

Or perhaps you get determined to pin a whole bunch, but then get discouraged and stop pinning altogether. Honestly, this was me. I'd get excited, start pinning like crazy, then get distracted because it was sucking up all my time, and forget about Pinterest. (don't be like me)

Understanding what Pinterest wants has made all the difference in my life - in this tutorial I share the small things that have made a huge difference in the results I'm getting with Pinterest.


Spend A Few Hours Now...

Get your life back AND get  your Pinterest game working for you! Seriously it is way easier than you might think to put this strategy to work for you.

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