Pinterest Training Wheels Coaching Program

Take all the fear out of getting your Pinterest Account up and running.

Get Started

Set Up Pinterest

We will walk through setting up your Pinterest Account together.

Creating Pins

We will go over how to create pins quickly with your signature.

Pinning Strategy

We will set up a pinning strategy for you for  your unique situation.

A Month of Coaching. . .

should get you set up to be able to grow your Pinterest account without pulling your hair out!

Your account will be connected to your blog or shop

You will know the tricks to creating lovely pins without much effort (even if you aren't a creative type)

You will have a game plan that is Pinterest friendly to go forward and grow your account.

How Does This Work?

We will have four 40 minute zoom conferences where we will work together to get your Pinterest account performing for  you.

Session One

Go over your account, define keywords, show you where things need tidying up and give you a plan of action.

Session Two

You will learn how to create pins that meet Pinterest's standards and we will develop a quick pinning strategy.

Session Three

We will go over gaining followers & how to join group boards - what to look for in a group board and how to monitor whether they are helping or not.

Session Four

We will talk about analytics - tracking your progress. What is working for you (or not) and formulate a game plan for going forward.


During the time we are working together you will have direct access to me either through email, text or Facebook messenger. If the problem can best be solved by a quick phone call, we can do that too.

Once you complete the training you  might want to take advantage of Tailwind. If you decide that is what you want to do, I'll walk you through how to set that up, join communities and "fix" your pins so that even though you are repinning one pin to multiple boards, they will appear new to Pinterest. All of this will happen in the Bonus Coaching session number five. You can hang onto this coaching session until you are ready to get started with Tailwind.




Jill was great! she cleared up some of the missing parts of pinterest for me. Like the importance of using my niche key words. Also how to fill out my pinterest settings for success.


Great! I'm so happy to have worked with you. Thank you for turning my Pinterest page into a selling machine. Highly recommend!


Excellent! Fantastic communication, gets the job done fast, and great work! Excited to start posting my cool new video pins.

You Could Spend Money On A Pinterest Guide or Try to Figure it Out With YouTube or

You can hire a coach to teach you how to make Pinterest profitable for YOU and your unique situation, get your questions answered and discover simple tools to help you get this unusual platform to produce traffic and leads for you in four sessions designed to teach you exactly what to do to maximize  your results and track them.

Coach Me!!