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Why do some people have all the traffic they could ever want or need while you plead with your friends and family to buy from you?

It wasn't all that long ago I was there too - then I made a life changing discovery...

There I was blogging along on my homesteading website trying to get Google to love me. Sigh, it never happened.

I bought all the courses. Every once in a while I would see a small blip in traffic, then Google would change its algorithm and blam, back to the netherlands of search engine hell I would go.

After years of this terrible cycle, I made a discovery that changed everything for me.


Back in the old days of Pinterest, one merely had to have an account, slap up a huge number of boards covering anything and everything that was interesting and pin like a mad man. (or women) One could get traffic, streams of buyers, really. It was glorious!


This was me before Pinterest...

As you can see I discovered the value of Pinterest back in September of 2017. These stats aren't even from my dedicated Pinterest Business Account! They were from a personal account with all those boards I was telling you about.

Above is that site today

It has its own Business Pinterest Account and brings me lots of Pinterest traffic with very little work on my part really. The first image is Google Analytics the second is from my dedicated Pinterest Account and shows the actual clicks from pins there. The third image is the very dramatic views screen capture. Yes that is a million and a half views on my pins. Just yesterday I hit 50,000 views on my video pins alone! Quite the milestone don't you think?

As you can see

Building a well designed Pinterest Business Account is one of the most profitable steps  you can take towards getting a steady stream of traffic to your offers.

The days of using your personal account and lots of boards is gone.

Now you need to know what you are doing with Pinterest in order to get traffic.

Perhaps you have tried to build a Pinterest Business Account yourself. Maybe you've even gone through the 7 step Tutorial...

If this is you...

At the thought of building your own Pinterest Business Account... Then let me take the stress out of getting started. I will build it for you and then teach you how to keep it going.

Let me help...


Yes, please build my Pinterest Business Account For me